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Little Englishman’s Bay Estate, an absolutely magnificent 274 acre beach front estate located on the north coast of Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago, WI. Plans have already been passed for a Resort Area (17acs), a Homesteading Area (21 plots consisting of a total of 90acs) and a Nature Reserve (155acs).

Price: US$ 8,000,000.00

Little Englishman’s Bay Estate is one of the four large estates that lie between the rural villages of Castara and Parlatuvier on the north coast of Tobago. It is flanked by the State-owned Castara Estate to the west and Englishman’ Bay Estate to the east with Parrot Hall Estate being the most easterly of the four.

Travelling the Northside Road as it crosses the western extremities of The Main Ridge and begins its Northward descent from Moriah and Runnemede a fresh vista unfolds – it is a territorial panorama embracing a strategic rural region. The fishing villages of Castara and Parlatuvier serve as the western and eastern urban extremities. The remainder of the region (the south-western half of the TCPD designated North Coast Region) consists of small-scale farming, lush forests, up-scale homesteading, good anchorage and prime beaches. The North side Road traverses this territory meandering as it does the coastal sector of Little Englishman’s Bay Estate.
The Location has its special development potentials related to the history of the region and its physical attributes. It is these potentials that have stimulated the emergence of a varied land-use development trend requiring sensitive nurturing, involvement and integration at the level of the community, the political and administrative institutions and the developers. This is essential if the fresh characteristics of the vista are to be preserved in the midst of a development process that can be engulfed by the demands of a modern world seeking for touristic trends anchored outside the region.

The development concept for Little Englishman’s Bay has been in-formed by its land ownership history, its location within the Castara to Parlatuvier rural environment, the emerging land-use patterns, the expectations and concerns of the resident communities and the unique possibility of a human settlement approach that physically integrates – resort and homesteading tourism, environmental conservation and organic agriculture, marine and land adventures and community involvement.

These attributes are embraced in three land use areas:
Riversdale – The Resort Area (7ha or 17acs)
Outline approval has been granted for this area – see T&CPD Ref No. T9R: 312/99
Tuckerdale- The Homesteading Area (36ha or 90acs)
Tuckerdale and the Nature Reserve constitute the content of this application for outline approval.
Homesteading practices in the Little Englishman’s area began since 1920 when small holdings were purchased in the main by estate workers.

In effect such holdings constitute homesteads and separates the original cocoa plantation agriculture of the estate to the north from the steeper slopes traditionally retained in forest cover to the south.

Englishman’s Bay Estate to the east has instituted an approved new dimension to homesteading -0.4ha (1acre) holding mainly on ridges with buildable gradients and services by all-weather roads, water supply and electricity supply.
Final Planning Permission has been granted by the Town and Country Planning Division (T&CPD) for a 48ha portion of the site to be subdivided into one plot for resort development, twenty-one plots for homestead use and one plot for a nature reserve as shown below – see T&CPD Ref No. T9R 0079/2005.

Tuckerdale offers such a dimension in conformity with “The Small Holdings”. It lies on the estate lands south of Riversdale between the North-side Road and “The Small Holdings”, comprises some 36ha (90acs). The terrain, physically divided by the main river which forms the base of the main valley meandering through Tuckerdale from south to north, is punctuated on both sides by a series of ridges and smaller valleys. It is this topographical formation that has informed the layout proposal for the Homesteading Area.

The parcellation has been selected to ensure each homesteading plot of size 0.4ha (ac) sits on a ridge with a house site available on gradients ranging from 1:4 to 1:13 and with existing traces to provide access with a minimum of earthworks required for upgrading.

This conceptual and technical planning approach yields two sections.
The western section of approximately 14 homesteads is accessed by Sawpitt State Trace, itself an all-weather road, and the existing estate trace that services the band of small holdings to the south.

The eastern section of 3 homesteads is accessed by an existing estate trace off the North side Road and lies directly adjoining the Englishman’s Bay homesteading area.
The lands adjoining the homestead are to be retained collectively by the homesteaders in its natural form so as to ensure, in particular, the main river retains its existing environmental integrity. It is the intention to assemble “The Small Holdings” landowners to encourage their participation in a collective approach to the overall homesteading development process.

The Nature Reserve
This area links TUCKERDALE and “The Small Holdings” to the Main Ridge Forest Reserve and opens up the opportunities for nature trails connecting Riversdale and Tuckerdale to the Main Ridge, to Castara and to Parlatuvier.




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